Lewis Pies and The Lewis Bakery – Zero to Landfill


We are very pleased to announce that Lewis Pies and The Lewis Bakery are now a Zero to Landfill Site!  From now on when you buy from us you can be reassured that you are doing a little bit to help the planet.

lewis pies zero to landfill

Over the past 12 months we have been working hard to reduce our waste and increase our recycling.  We’ve done this for 2 main reasons. Firstly and most importantly, for our customers: minimising the impact of cost increases is vital, mitigating the cost of waste disposal allows us to keep prices as low as possible.  This has contributed in allowing us to implement smaller price increases than our competitors.  Secondly the project  gives us a warm glow! Knowing that we are limiting our impact on the planet is great for everyone involved and zero to landfill certainly does that.

Through a series of initiatives we are sending all waste materials for recycling, whether it be food waste to a local  anaerobic digestion plant, general waste to an incineration unit or vegetarian food waste to farms. This waste can then be used to generate electricity, valuable feed for animals or biofertilisers.  Our initiatives cover recycling all plastics, cardboards, papers and metals.  All food waste is saved and channeled and all oils are filtered and used in biofuels.

Through these recent changes our staff have worked hard to separate waste and use our new recycling points throughout the building.  This has impacted all areas from logistics to production, office teams through to our Technical team. Well done team!

This forms a small part of our wider plans to make the business greener and reduce our waste.  Our next initiative is aimed at further reducing electricity use through modifying our lighting requirements.

If you want to talk to us about our delicious “greener” products please call the team on 01792 579908

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