More wrapped products for Van Sales customers

From mid-November, all of our savoury products and breads, plus many of our cakes will be wrapped during the production process to improve product quality for our Van Sales customers.

It’s important to us that the products you buy from Lewis Pies, Wilfreds and the Lewis Bakery are delivered to you in the best condition possible and are ready for you to serve or sell on to your customers. To ensure that this is the case we are now wrapping all of our savoury products and many of our cakes and all of breads as part of the production process.

Wrapping the products ensures that they keep their fresh baked quality and we think you will like the change for other reasons too:

  • Products stay fresh for longer, with the new packaging giving an increased shelf life for you and your customers
  • Each product has its best before date clearly marked on the packaging which will help you with stock rotation, leading to less waste
  • The new heat proof wrap means that products can be directly heated in the oven, range or microwave* without having to remove the packaging

*apart from our pies which are not suitable for microwave heating until the foil base has been removed

Having our products wrapped in this way should also be beneficial for you when being assessed for local authority hygiene ratings as it will help to eliminate the potential for cross contamination as well as making stock management easier.

We’ve be trialing the change to wrapped products with some of our customers and they’ve been pleased with the change:

Dave Mosuley, from Dick Barton’s Fish & Chip Shop in Swansea, said:

The move by Lewis Pies to go 100% wrapped is the best development.  It helps greatly with stock rotation and control.  Products are maintaining their quality and appearance for longer in the packaging compared to unwrapped

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