Lewis’ Range

Pies are the core of our business so, as you would expect, we produce them in a wide range of forms and flavours.

All our individual pies are offered in a huge range of shapes and fillings. We can supply baked or unbaked products. Please contact us to discuss the flavours, shapes and weights that we produce. Pies can be large catering pies to small canapé style pies. We have hand finishing capabilities. Pies are manufactured on up to date equipment to give consistent weight and fills.


We supply a large range of pastries in a variety of pastry types. A large range of fills from meat, vegetarian and even vegan. Sausage rolls and gourmet rolls with double fill are able to be made on our 2 rondo star lines. We can work with shorter Cornish pastry or a Puff Pastry made on our industrial laminator.

Specific products can be made for customers with sufficient volume. We have topping and hand finishing processes that can be introduced.

Catering Pies

For dishing up to larger groups of diners, such as in schools or canteens, we also produce pie trays which can be cut for service. They are available in Medium (8 servings), Large (16 servings) and Extra Large (32 servings).

Other product groups

We make a range of fried, breaded products and formed meat products from crisp bakes to Rissoles.

Because we want to offer products which suit a wide range of customers, we use our specialist production experience to produce Halal pies and other savoury bakes for specific large scale contracts and purchasers.