Bakery & Confectionery

Every day and special occasion cakes and sweet treats. Artisan and conventional breads, available ready to eat or ready to bake

Lewis Bakery prides itself on having an excellent team of skilled and experienced bakers, all working hard to produce the products which our customers can be confident of serving or selling on.

Whilst many of our products are produced ready to serve in coffee shops, restaurants, canteens, delis and the like, we also have a range which are packaged ready to retail, sold in supermarkets, garage forecourts and other retail outlets.

Breads and rolls

We offer an excellent standard range of freshly baked breads and rolls. Loaves come in white or brown, small and large, whole or pre-sliced, and in a range of shapes.

As well as fresh, ready to sell or serve, some of our Lewis Bakery breads are available part baked and frozen enabling you to cook them in-store, giving that just baked taste and aroma.

To ensure our customers can get the products they want, we also offer a range of artisan breads with loaves including olive bread, sundried tomato bread and a range of seeded and granary rolls.

Cakes and sweet treats

What could be nicer than a handmade traditional treat?  Delicious and perfect for an everyday treat.

Ranges on offer consist of individual serving cakes, including a range of slices, tarts, biscuits, scones, muffins and cupcakes as well as a host of cream and custard based offerings.

For those who want whole cakes which are portioned ready to serve, we make a range of slab cakes and tray bakes as well as impressively tall tiered cakes which your customers won’t be able to resist.

Catering customers need something more, so large multipacks of items such as full size and mini Welsh cakes and plain pancakes are on offer.

To keep our lines fresh and interesting, we are constantly developing new flavours and toppings, and aim to produce seasonal specials, linked to key events like major sporting occasions, Halloween, Fathers’ Day and Christmas. Keep an eye on our News and Promotions page for details.