White Label Production


We now work across a range of sectors, for a range of clients!

Let us manufacture your product…

The Our Products page gives you a flavour of the range of products that we offer. If, however, there is a product that you are currently having manufactured or a product you want to bring to life – why not let us have a look at it? We work with multiple brands making products for a range of sectors including foodservice, retail and airline.

Recent demands for more premium products (including customised branding) have led us to work with the UK’s major Foodservice providers, retailers and brands across multiple sectors. Our NPD team have been able to emulate products as well as bring our customers creations to life.

We have a dedicated NPD team that can re-create or help you bring your product to life, and our experienced NPD co-ordinator will manage your project from start to finish.

The types of customers and sectors we manufacture for:

Pie makers –  Believe it or not we manufacture pies for other manufacturers who are looking for something that doesn’t suit their facility. We have products that are made in a variety of shapes and sizes sold as other pie manufacturers products all made on our brand new pie machine!

Airline sector –  We make a range of customised pastry products and pies that sit on domestic and international flights.  Products that are small and designed not to make a mess! Some of these products are give-aways by the airlines and some are buy on board options.

Foodservice providers – We work for some of the largest foodservice providers in the UK making premium pies that end up on your plate at your favourite pub or bar.  Made to specific standards and manufactured to the highest standard.

Pub chains – Working closely with on e of our favourite pub chains we produce a range of steak and ale products that make good eating. We use Welsh beef and specified ales. The end result is amazing!

Coffee shops – Working closely with large coffee shop chains we make a range of products to their requirements.

Why ask us to make your products?

Why would you ask us to make your products?

  • Cost effective
  • Short production runs
  • Wrapped or Unwrapped
  • Baked or Unbaked
  • BRC AA grade site
  • Multiple size/weight/shape options
  • Branded or unbranded options
  • Hand finishes available
  • Halal variations available
  • Vegan capabilities onsite
  • let us focus on manufacturing, you focus on marketing.

What do I do now?

Head over to our contact us page and fill in a few details. We’ll will get in touch and start the ball rolling…