Our Products

At Lewis Pies we make a wide range of products for our customers, all prepared and baked by our experienced team and delivered chilled or frozen, baked or ready to bake, direct to your premises.

New and Seasonal Products

With an eye to keeping our lines fresh and interesting, our product development team are constantly working to improve existing recipes and create new products which pick up on food trends and ideas, as well as responding to requests from our customers. We’re always tasting and testing to ensure our bakes are packed with flavour, which is not always good for the waistline!

Introducing seasonal products is part of our ethos and our Lewis Bakery arm develops new themed products for occasions and events, such as Fathers’ Day, Easter, major sporting events – particularly those involving Wales!

Wrapped and Priced for catering or retail

Fresh products from Lewis Pies are wrapped to give an increased shelf life, with each product having its best before date clearly marked on the packaging to help with stock rotation and thus minimise waste.

All individually wrapped products carry appropriate reheating instructions and are retail ready.

Our frozen products are packed for dispatch from the deep freeze and delivered frozen and ready to bake, giving our customers greater flexibility in controlling stock and waste.

All our products are competitively priced to offer excellent margins to our customers whether they are for food service or being retailed.

Product Specials

Wholesale customers are also able to work with us to develop specific flavour products which they have identified for their customers, creating products which are unique to them.  You’re welcome to visit our production facility, to see what we can do and discuss your requirements with our experienced team.

For our Van Sales customers we also offer a range of factored goods, to help with minimising the number of suppliers they need to use.