About Us

Quality Food From a Family Business

Our family owned company has been making pastries, breads and cakes since 1936

We are passionate about driving the business forward and developing our relationship with our customers. We are constantly innovating, and strive to provide quality products at prices that work.

As well as making delicious food and evolving to meet our customers’ needs, we are a motivated team of real people. United in our goal to provide you with brilliant products, we continue to work hard (and like to have a bit of fun at the same time). We are devoted to improving our products and getting them to you.


Our History

The original bakery was established in 1936 by the late Wilfred Charles Lewis and employed just four people. 

Our business is currently under the guidance of Wilfred James Lewis – the third generation! Over the years, Lewis Pies has transformed from a small bakery to a manufacturing site with a BRC Grade A. Adapting our wonderful products to suit the needs of every customer has helped us reach new heights. We are on a journey of continuous improvement to make sure our goods are consistent and high quality.

The Lewis Pies Facility

A place where good workers come together to make good food.

Despite our business being almost 86 years old, we try to keep things contemporary. Have you seen our dedicated, family-owned production site? Located in Fforest-fach, our determined staff work hard there to produce the best pies they can. We continue to invest in equipment and infrastructure, keeping our facility up to date. With any luck, we’ll still be making pies for you in another 85 years!


Welsh Roots

We are passionate about our Welsh roots and committed to using as many Welsh suppliers as possible.

Our Welsh identity is an integral part of our business. Many of our customers are local, and we do our part to support and uphold this wonderful community.

You might have noticed, but we love to collaborate with other local businesses. Our brilliant collaborators include Shirgar Welsh Butter, Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar CheeseGower Power from the Gower Brewery, and Caws Cenarth. Spread out across this beautiful country, these Welsh businesses make reliably high-quality products. Here at Lewis Pies, we are happy to support them through various collaborations.

COVID 19 Response

Please find below our Covid response documents.  These are under constant review in line with the evolving situation.

Lewis pies support the track and trace QR check in facility on site.

Covid policy

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Risk Assessment (4)