Pasties and Slices made tastier than ever

Our Peppered Steak slices and Traditional Pasties have been updated to give an even better taste, available now for you to try.

The technical team at Lewis Pies is always working on ways to improve our existing products as well as developing new ones.  The latest products to come out from the team, following exhaustive tasting by staff – which is really hard work (honest) as well as a challenge for the waistline – are our Peppered Steak Slices and Traditional Pasties.

Peppered Steak Slices

Our Lewis Pies Peppered Steak Slices are popular with a wide range of customers, but we wanted to ensure they truly live up to their name, so we’ve worked on the recipe to bring out the peppery flavour of these delicious bakes.  You want peppered steak? We’re giving it to you.

Traditional Pasties

Pasties have been one of our core products from the outset, so you’d think it would be hard to improve on them, but we think we have… and customers who’ve been lucky enough to be part of our tasting test have been very enthusiastic about the update too. Here’s what they had to say:

Best tasting pasty product from Lewis Pies

Overall good product flavour, good consistency of veg, salt level just right, colour good.

Both products are available to Wholesale and Van Sales customers so why not give them a try?


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