What’s happening in production

Summer BBQ favourites 

The team never rest at lewis’s.  Production are now preparing lines ready for the summer rush.   They know we all love a BBQ and the weather HAS been kind to us so far.   Of course, a sausage is not a hotdog without a bun.  Ring the telesales staff now and order what takes your fancy.

All American burger buns x6; seeded minislider buns x12;  mini hotdog fingers x 10.

Coming soon: Wilfred’s chunky Sausage Roll 

I’m in trouble with the sales team. Why? because I haven’t told you about the NEW Wilfred’s chunky Sausage Roll. It’s Big, beefy, chilli hot and stuffed full with leeks. I’m told staff are still thinking of a suitable name. I’ll keep you up to speed when they’ve decided.

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