New Chilli Cheese Rissoles: “stunning”, “lovely kick”

Things are hotting up at Lewis Pies with the launch of our new Chilli Cheese Rissoles.

The Chilli Cheese concept was originally tested out with consumers at the Asda ‘Taste of Wales’ event, in September 2016.  The response was overwhelmingly good.  Of the people who tasted them, 92% loved them and only 8% found them a bit too hot.

Comments made by the tasters included: “excellent”, “lovely”, “lush”, “stunning”, “really nice, lovely kick, would buy today” and “love these”.

Such great feedback encouraged our efforts, and a huge thank you goes to Asda for enabling us to reach so many tasters at the event.  Since then, our NPD (New Product Development) team have been working with our Production team to make sure that the new rissoles are spot on in terms of taste and quality.  And now they’re ready to roll.

From 23 May our new Chilli Cheese Rissoles will be on the shelves in a range of Asda stores across south Wales, and are also available for any of our van sales or wholesales customers to purchase.

The Chilli Cheese Rissoles, which are available alongside our existing range of Corned Beef Rissoles and Cheese & Onion Rissoles.  They have been developed as part of our commitment to continually improving and creating products which customers want.

For those unfamiliar with the humble rissole, this is a traditional Welsh product, usually made with finely chopped core ingredients with added herbs and spices, which is formed into a ball and dipped in bread crumbs before being deep fried. Rissoles make a great snack on the go, or simply serve them with a salad or fresh vegetables to make a reasonably priced, flavoursome and filling, evening meal.

Pop into your local Asda and ask where you can find them in the store.


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