Retail kit- Ready to bake Mini Corned Beef Pasties or Cheese and Onion Pasties

Our customers work extremely hard to provide a variety of ‘food to go’ options for their discerning consumer.    We are continually thinking of how we can support them in this quest.   We now have available kits of frozen, par baked, mini corned beef or cheese and onion pasties.  The kit also includes a bag and label ready for shelf display once baked

Consumers are looking for alternatives to ‘food to go’ and we now have available two new options.  A box of 120 frozen par baked mini corned beef pasties or a box of 120 frozen par baked mini cheese and onion pasties together with bags and labels.

Our customers are already buying them, baking them off throughout the day as and when demand requires.  Staff are packing and labelling  them into grab bags of three pasties and placing them on their display shelf.  They’re selling like ‘hot cakes’ with a RRP of 99p per bag and a great margin.

Whats in it for you?   Freshly baked pasties ready for sale!  You decide what and when the next batch of pasties needs to be baked.  No more tired looking pasties on the shelf!  Great stock control, no more waste!  Whats in it for the consumer?  The pasties are baked, packed by staff and picked off the shelf already packed.   The consumer can be assured that the product looks fresh, tastes delicious and is safe to eat.

These yummy mini pasties are suitable for picnics, school lunch packs, a quick snack when time is short and many other of our favourite eating opportunities.  What better than a freshly baked warm pasty when hunger strikes!!

Call our telesales team now on 01792 579908 and order your favourite filling or why not try both.  If you already have one of our drivers calling, the order can be delivered to your outlet.  If not speak to our sales team, they’ll  arrange for you to either collect the order from the factory or it can be delivered if we have a delivery van in your area.

Get to know all our staff they are a happy bunch, extremely helpful and will work out what suits your needs best.







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