Salt Reduction Targets achieved

Lewis’ are very aware that their consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the impact on their health of the food they eat .  With that in mind we are always attempting to improve our products to make them more healthy.  This also helps our staff, who have the onerous task of tasting them at the testing stage!   When our customers do eat our products, we want them to know that they are doing the best they can to eat well.

Public Health guidance published a gradual salt reduction in food and drink to be achieved by manufacturers by 2017.  This is part of the ‘Childhood Obesity: a plan of action’.   The plan focuses on the health of the general population and in particular to improvements in blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

The Technical Team headed by Melissa have been working very hard on these targets over the past year.   We are therefore very proud to announce that we have, this year, achieved the recommended salt reduction target for 2017.  All this without compromising the flavour of our delicious products.



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