Regal Pie Improvements – No Fancy Photography!

The team here at Lewis pies have been undertaking a continuous improvement drive over the last few years, this has meant everything from production processes, raw materials, suppliers and customer interactions.

Recently its been the turn of our Regal range to get the treatment and we are re-launching these right now.  Here are some photos we’ve taken of the products straight from the oven.  No fancy photography just cut open on the test kitchen table! Here’s what we have improved.

New investment in equipment has resulted in vastly improved consistency.  The pastry thickness of our Regal pie short crust base is very consistent and there are no thick sections giving us a much better bake and eat!  We are really pleased with the outcome.  Cut one in half and check it out!

product cut open

New lid look – we have modified the look of the puff pie lids with new equipment giving a better finish for your consumers.

Puff layers steak pie

Puff pastry improvements – the puff method we now use gives us better lift in our pies so the lids are puffy, delicious to eat and not too flakey!

Mince beef and onion:

Did you know we do all our own butchery?  Our mince is now courser ground for better bite, we have made the gravy richer and added a dash more black pepper!  These are a firm favourite in the factory.

Chicken and Mushroom:

This classic has been given a full makeover – as well as all of the pastry improvements above, we are using bigger chunks of chicken, much larger mushroom slices and a clearer sauce.  The product has a much cleaner tase.

Steak and Kidney:

One for the traditionalists so we havent changed this a great deal.  The product benefits from the pastry improvements, we’ve kept this pretty close – the product is rich and have a smooth gravy, chunks of steak and diced kidney.

New steak Pie:

We have added a new steak pie to the range.  This has 35% STEAK which is more than our closest competitor.  The product has a rich sauce and all of the pastry improvements above.  Cut the product open, theres no grease in the sauce and it carry a velvety sauce.

No Grease

We are working with shops all over South Wales and to deliver these products at the best rates call in and ask us about the range.

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