From the bin to Vegan Gin….


There is one thing we hate here at Lewis pies and thats waste. We are always trying to reduce our waste to save money and reduce our impact on the environment. We were delighted when the team at the Coles family brewery got in touch and told us they could do something constructive to help.

When our bakery makes bread in the middle of the night we often have to use a best guess on quantity and slightly overproduce to make sure we don’t short supply our customers. This can generate waste. Any waste that can’t be sold is often thrown away and that makes us upset! Thats where Coles family Brewery come in! They told us they could make gin from bread! Yes you read that correctly! We were more than happy to help out!

They went about their magic and as promised delivered us some bakery gin with our very own logo on the bottle! Genius! Well done to the team at Coles – we are happy to help out any time. Keep up the good work…..

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