Keep Calm and Eat Vegan

For some time the senior team here have been pretty excited about the opportunity of producing vegan foods. That might seem pretty strange for a Pie company but we are not just any pie company! We like to focus on niche products for our customers.

We cut our teeth early in 2018 by developing some super pretty star shaped mince pies for a large coffee chain. We performed our vegan validation procedures and embedded the systems required. We developed a product in tandem with them and they proved to be a great success.

Later in 2018 we started working with an international vegan business that supply some of the Uk’s biggest supermarkets – they liked our agility and the way we could produce short run individual products. They were keen for us to produce a range of pies including “Vegan steak and Ale, Forsgers Chickenand a wild mushroom pie. Additionally the range includes pasties such as Spicy Mexican Bean and a Mediterranean Vegetable slice. These products were a great success and featured in Sainsburys.

Along with the Pie and Pasty ranges we produced a really cool hand crafted product, this was a Vegan Wellington! A Vegan Loaf with Mushroom Pate and covered in our vegan puff pastry. This adorned the Christmas table of over 20,000 vegans across the land! This is a hand made product crafted on our lines

If you are interested in buying vegan products to bake off or sell to your customers please give our team a call. We have teamed up with our friends over at Field and Forest. Producing a growing range of vegan products, these are available through our wholesale channels and our van sales division. Give us a call and ask for a sample or to discuss the range. The range currently includes a Vegan Sausage Roll (which we are confident is the best available) and a Vegan Savoury Slice.

Veganism or plant based eating is the single most effective way to reduce your impact on the environment. Why not mix in a plant based diet with meat on the weekend and become a flexitarian?

We are seeing great pick up on the range from large bakery distributors to local chip shops. Get involved!

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