Bread, flour and Yeast. Your questions answered!

Many of you have been asking us questions regarding our flours and yeast. Hopefully the information below will help.

How many loaves can we get out of a 16kg bag of bread flour?

Well based on a 500g measure approximately 32 loaves.

How do I store my flour once opened?

You can roll down the bag and keep in a cool dry place or empty into a lidded food safe container.

What is the shelf life of the flour?

Our flour is delivered weekly so it comes with a minimum 9 month shelf life. This is based on storing it correctly as above. Best before date can be found on the flour bag. Self-raising flour must be kept sealed and dry as the raising agents can be affected by moisture, which will affect the rise.

How do I store my fresh yeast?

Fresh yeast must be refrigerated. Best to place it on the lower shelf of the fridge where it is colder. The yeast comes with a best before date on the wrapping. Like anything fresh yeast has a shelf life and is best to use it before its best before date or freeze. Our yeast is fast acting.

Can I freeze the yeast?

Yes you can freeze yeast but it must be well wrapped up before placing in the freezer. The potency of yeast does lower due to the freezing process so you may have to use a little extra to compensate.

Can I use fresh yeast in my bread maker?

We have to admit we are not experts with is one as we make bread by traditional methods. We have however Googled this and have come across different answers. Some say yes use as normal, others say start yeast off first. We would suggest that you refer to your bread making manual or do some online research just to make sure. It seems the general consensus is yes but there may be adjustments.

Can you explain the different flours you sell please?

Self-raising flour – Used for cakes and sponges

White label (Plain flour) – used for pastry, cake and biscuits. Also used to make sauces and gravy.

As you like it (white strong flour) – bread making

Gold crest or Grampian (Wholemeal) flour – bread making

Top cobber (Malted brown with flaked wheat) – bread making

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We hope that this information has helped.

Happy Baking!

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