It’s getting to the point where we all know someone who knows someone, or indeed know an unfortunate soul that’s been affected by COVID 19.

Covid has already impacted us all, whether through illness or because we are dealing with the social or financial consequences of the lock down.  Its affected our travel or holiday plans or simply stopped us being able to embrace loved ones.  We have all been restricted to all but the most essential activity.

I know i speak on behalf of everyone at Lewis pies in extending our deepest sympathies to all those who are struggling. Equally, we are eternally grateful to all those working heroically at the frontline from the NHS, Care homes to slow down the spread of Covid-19. We take our hats off in respect.  Also the less thanked shop keepers, delivery drivers, cleaners and the many others that are keeping the world turning.

We are now in the midst of a second wave.  It’s difficult to stay positive but there are green shoots and reasons to be optimistic.

Sticking to the recommendations and following the Governments Hands, Face, Space is a must and has to be taken seriously.  We must work as a collective team to minimise the impact on us all.  Whilst we maintain social distance, let’s not embrace emotional distancing.   Small acts of human kindness can get us all through this.  Knock on a neighbour, offer support to those around you,  focus on the positive.

Until we have a vaccine for Covid-19, soap remains our best first line of defence.  The facts are:  washing our hands thoroughly and frequently with soap, or using sanitiser where soap and water are not available, is one of the most effective ways to arrest the spread of infection.


Wilf Lewis (MD)

Click here to read the Lewis pies COVID19 Policy.

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