This is why we do it…

You may not know that we send pies out directly to the public and to small businesses through a number of channels.  We sell direct on our website and also via the very popular QVC shopping channel.  Pies are delivered in thermal boxes and sent via our chosen courier DPD overnight.

Whilst awards are great, making fab pies, getting them sent out and getting feedback from happy customers gives us a real buzz.  Getting great feedback from happy customers is what  its all about, we encourage our customers to let us know what they think good or bad.  Following a 24 hour event on QVC this week, yesterday we dispatched our first sets of pies all across the country.   Check out this wonderful feedback from a happy customer in snowy Yorkshire….

I have just received my pre order of the QVC t.s.v beef selection pies. And I would like to say thank you I have had your pies in the past and enjoyed them very much I just have a pie and lots of vegetables and I get a substantial meal. I am nearly 80 and have to rely on people like you to bring me my deliveries of food as in this present climate I don’t go out. can I just praise the delivery service DPD sent me a delivery slot but I really didn’t expect them to come. Here in Yorkshire we had just had a day of very heavy snow the roads were in chaos and the snow was deep you couldn’t get a vehicle to my property because it would have got stuck unable to move, so you can imagine my surprise when a knock came on the door and the driver was carrying my parcel he had left his vehicle and walked the last bit of the way I thanked him and he said he knew it was food and didn’t want me to be hungry. There are some kind people in this world and he was only 5 mins late.


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