New packaging breaks cover…

New Wilfreds box with “Pies on Board tape”, our “DPD – Leave in a safe place sticker” and customer address label.




We are super excited to receive our brand new Wilfreds packaging.  This will start to filter through to our online and QVC orders over the next few days / weeks.  There is nothing better than receiving a well packed parcel that looks great.  If you are sending pies as a gift the recipient will be delighted to get this awesome looking box.

We have included our famous Sheep and a reminder that the goods are temperature controlled.  We have our web details and a reminder which way up the box should be carried.

Inside you will find the box is foil lined to retain temperature, and we have our lovely printed internal boxes as well as our fully environmentally friendly ice sheets.












Why not send us some pictures of your boxes when they arrive 🙂

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