Rissole packaging, better for the planet.

Rissoles are a great selling product, those of you that have been to a supermarket in south Wales may well have seen them.  A staple for the people of South Wales, a mystery to those over the bridge!  They are a great value product.  In order to achieve that great value we have had to put the rissoles in a nasty polystyrene tray.  This is the tray and the finished product we currently use:









We took a fresh view on this product and took inspiration over a pack of cookies and a cup of tea.  We had a couple of objectives.  Firstly KEEP THE RISSOLE THE SAME SIZE. We wanted to get more product in the same size box and therefore reduce our carbon footprint.  Most importantly we wanted to remove the polystyrene altogether and replace it with a cardboard inner that was fully recyclable. This is what we came up with …..

We loved the new layout, this achieved all of our objectives and most pleasing meant we could get 8 packs in a box not 6 🙂 Less transport miles, 33% more per box…


Last but no means least, why not get our design team to get their hands on them and add a modern splash of colour.  With new outer cases to match, keep your eyes peeled for these in the supermarkets and local stores….

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