Fully compostable packaging for Wilfreds – worth a few pence?

Wilfreds pies has been a great success so far – thank you to those that have supported us.

Putting the best ingredients from local suppliers into a pie and selling it in wonderful packaging has been a pleasure.  Selling these pies on QVC to viewers all over the uk, online and soon through a farm shop near you (teaser) has helped us through the covid crisis.









One of our key drivers over the years has been to improve our environmental credentials.  It’s an ongoing journey  from minimising waste to more efficient equipment, better raw materials, packaging suppliers, vehicles, use of power etc.  Packaging is something that is a bug bear of ours and we want to improve it and make it easy for the consumer.

With our Wilfreds range up to now we use a standard OPP plastic wrap – this is made with Oil as most plastic packaging is.  This is recyclable but manufacturers tend to use the term “Refer to your local recycling centre” or “Widely recycled” on packaging.  This tends to mean, it can be recycled but is difficult and therefore often ends up in landfill.  It doesn’t have to be this way..

We have been tracking compostable products for some time and have found a great product that is compostable and cost effective.  Its not widely used because it’s more expensive and adds a few pence to the price of a product.  We think thats worth it!  For all intents and purpose it’s exactly the same as a plastic wrap.  It takes a bit more care in storage but thats the only downside.  The best thing – you can pop it on your compost heap and forget about it!  Wonderful!

Its a sustainably created cellulose film that is a genuine alternative to traditional petroleum based widely used alternatives.  We will be testing this over the coming weeks to ensure that its suitable for our products.  If it works as we believe it will, we will be adding it to our range.

Do you think its worth it?  Would you pay a few more pence?

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