Food for Our Hard Workers


There’s a big week ahead of us at Lewis Pies, and we wanted all of our staff to know how much we appreciate them. We’re passionate about food here, so decided to show that we care in the best way we know how – buying lunch!

With a grand total of ninety meals there was plenty to go around for all our hard workers. We ordered huge baskets full of sausage and chips which we stacked up high at the facility, and made available to all our staff. There were veggie nuggets, too. We want to make sure that everyone knows how much we appreciate their contributions to the business.

A huge thank you also to The Contented Sole for helping feed our staff today. This was a massive order, and you certainly followed through. It’s always a pleasure to find another Welsh Business that cares about good food.

Now that they’ve been fed, our workers can get back to producing high-quality products for all of you! Thank you for your support.

Which of our pies do you think would go best with chips? Let us know on twitter! @lewispies
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