Crumbles on QVC


Recently we’ve been showing off a special range of our delicious products on your TV screens. Or your laptop screens…or your computer screens…wherever you get quality viewing, we’re there. More specifically, we’re there selling pies.

You may have seen out previous post about Mince Pie being available for pre-order on QVC on October 9th. Well, we can now confirm that these aren’t the only sweet treats coming for you. Our crumbles, unlike our Mince Pies, can be ordered for imminent delivery rather than pre-ordered. They are also just really, really good.

Our Wilfreds Apple & Toffee Crumble Dessert Tart is sweet and delicious combination of apples & caramel. We layer it with frangipane and top it with a cinnamon crumble.

Or try Wilfreds Apple & Raspberry Tart. A classic mix of sweet apples with raspberry, layered with frangipane and topped with a white chocolate chip crumble. Consider trying this if you have a sweet tooth!

Finally, our Fruits of the Forest with a Coconut Crumble. This sweet treat is bursting with flavour and perfect for pretty much any occasion. A tea party, or a buffet, or just a nice dessert on a Thursday evening.

Head over to QVC ON October 9th to get your hands on these tasty treats, or go to our online store if you can’t wait that long. You can find it here:

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