BRC double A Audit grade


Lewis pies is happy to announce that we achieved an AA grade on our latest BRC. A huge congratulations to all of our staff.

They’ve certainly been hard at work getting things ready in preparation. If you saw our chips post last week – this was the reason! And a grade like this is certainly worthy of the reward.

But what is the BRC? For those not in-the-know, here’s the basics. BRC stands for British Retail Consortium. They developed the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. Essentially, they are the trade association for retail related businesses, and they exist to ensure that this industry thrives. Following the evolutions of the industry, the BRC awards grades based on the quality of the business.

And, in case it isn’t obvious, double A is a very good grade. The best grade, in fact. Our team put in a huge amount of effort to achieve this grade, and can be proud of what they accomplished. Our facility is pretty big, and serves good food to a variety of customers across the nation. In the words of our auditor, this double A grade ‘is a rare thing these days.’

If you ask us, this is a major achievement, especially considering the state of the world and the challenges we have been facing over the last 18 months. But we’re happy to still be here, doing our best to provide you with high-quality pies. The team work required to reach this goal is significant, and we’re so thankful to this community. To both our workers and our customers.

Thank you, everyone. And congratulations!

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