Pies at Swansea Stadium

If you’re not willing to wait for us to deliver pies to you, you can go get them yourself at the Swansea.com Stadium on Sunday. Support your team and enjoy a pie at the same time.

Woo, sports!

If you’re interested in which of our pies you can find at the Stadium, take a look at the list of products below:

Regal Minced Beef & Onion Pie.

Regal Chicken & Mushroom pie.

Regal Cauliflower Balti Pie.

Corned Beef Vetch Field Pasty.

Wilfred’s Mini Steak & Ale Pie.


Of course, these are just the pies that we’ve given them. What you’ll find at the stadium is subject to availability and what they are selling at any given moment. But, fingers crossed, you should be able to get your hands on the pie that you are after.

You can find out more of our news on twitter and facebook @lewispies. And, check out the stadium here.

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