Mince Pies Today!

Today’s the Day!

After waiting, and wanting, and nearly-there announcements…its time!

Our Luxury Shirgar Brandy Butter Christmas Pies are now up in the store. With limited stock available, you should go get them while you still can! What are you doing here for? Go! Go!

Still here?


Then I guess I’ll use this opportunity to let you know a little more about these delicious parcels of pure festivity. The titular Shirgar Welsh Brandy Butter adds a local flavour to this sweet treat. A layer of frangipane blankets the mincemeat, and is then topped with a cinnamon and brandy butter crumble. Mmmmmm.

Hungry yet?. You don’t have to be. Go, get yourself a delicious Mince Pie while you can.

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