Mince Pie Popularity!

Sold out…again?

This year, we’ve been pretty careful to put our mince pies up on the website in smaller batches. We’re doing this for a number of reasons. You may know that Wales (and the UK in general) is having some issues with stock recently. We want to be certain that we don’t offer you pies that we can’t actually deliver. They also tend to sell quite fast this way, which is exciting! It should also be good to help cut down on food waste this Christmas, by not producing more pies than you are going to buy.

(We’re working on finding a way to donate our excess stock to charity, but more on that later)

So, what all this boils down to is that we’ve been releasing our Christmas Mince Pies in boxes of 50. And, on both occasions, we’ve sold out completely within 24 hours! We knew you liked our mince pies, but had no idea how much they would be so in demand! Thank you, truly, for all of your support.

We’ll be putting up some more at some point, since their apparently so popular. Remember, though, that we do have other sweet treats available before then! Our brownies have free mainland UK delivery and are available in four varieties. We also have some dessert pies to really get your mouth watering. Find them in the Pies and Pasty section of our website!


Thank you for your ongoing support!

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