November Pie of the Month


Although this was announced over email a while ago, it finally feels like its time to blog about it! November’s pie of the month is here. Its cheesy, its chickeny, and it’s perfect for November.

It’s our Cheesy Chicken, Leek, Potato & Spinach Pie!

November is sort of a nothing-month. Unless you happen to have a birthday in November. In which case, Happy Birthday! But for the rest of us there’s a super long stretch between firework night and Christmas. How are we meant to fill these long, cold days?

Pies, duh.

There’s not a lot else going on in November, so you might as well chow-down something delicious. We have a wide range of Wilfred’s products as well as our regal range to choose from. But if you need a little help deciding, then the Pie of the Month is for you.

What’s the cheesy chicken pie made of? Well, cheese and chicken. But to put it more poetically…This pie is filled with delicious combination of chicken cooked in a creamy cheese sauce with potatoes, spinach and leeks. Our pie of the month also has a grated cheese topping for extra cheesiness.

Oh, did you forget the best bit? That’s right, our pie of the month is 20 percent off. You get four in a box, at our discounted price of £9.60.

What could be better for a cold November evening? Come home from watching the fireworks, try on your favourite Christmas jumper (it’s never too early), and tuck in to a cheesy chicken pie for dinner. Have a nice slice of luxury to brighten up your autumn day.

I hope you are all staying safe out there. Remember to follow us on social media for all the latest updates.

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