Pie of the Month Competition

We’re running another contest! You might have seen our posts about it on social media, which is where you can enter. The prize will be a box of each of January’s Pies of the Month, which are the Steak and Tatws pie, and the Spicy Cauliflower and Spinach Balti Pie. For more details about the rules, keep reading.  


This giveaway is UK only. Specifically, we can deliver to England, Wales, and some parts of Scotland. Please check our delivery radius to ensure you are eligible. The winner will be announced across social media, and by entering you consent to us doing so. The winner will be contacted through a direct message, so your inbox/direct messages MUST be open. If your inbox is not open a new winner will be chosen. You MUST to be able to provide us with an address to deliver to. If you cannot provide a valid address, a new winner will be chosen. 


For a valid entry, you must name one of the pies currently available on our website in the comments of either the Twitter post, the Instagram post or the Facebook post concerning this contest. You can enter on all relevant social media platforms, but please only once per platform. This is a single giveaway – there will not be a winner per website. 


The winner will be selected on Monday the 10th of January and announced across social media on the same day. This is not a random draw, and the person will be chosen based on the pie they name. In the event that multiple people comment the same pie, one winner will be chosen from the pool of people. 


We reserve the right to alter or cancel the giveaway at any time – but we probably won’t. We want you to enjoy this wonderful prize! 


Thanks for reading. Find us on twitter @lewispies. 

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