Wilfreds Bakes – Welsh premium pies

Wilfreds bakes are our signature range focusing on the use of Prime Welsh ingredients.

All of the Beef Steak and Lamb used in our pies is recognised as quality produce, sourced locally in Wales. Whilst all of the chicken used in our products is sourced from Red Tractor assured farms, meaning high standards are met from farm to fork.

Recipes for this range were developed in conjunction with local chef Michael Knight, who has helped ensure that they make for delicious eating.  For the fillings, we’ve also linked up with some other well-known local brands, including Gower Power Ale and Colliers Cheese.

The pastry in our pies is hot water crust pastry, which is both crisp and crumbly and can hold more filling.  Yum.

Products come ready to sell in our distinctive packaging and carry heating instructions so your customers can be sure of eating them at their best.

Our Wilfreds range includes a pie to suit every moment, two of which won awards at the British Pies Awards in 2016… and we’ve had “a bit of fun” in naming them! You can choose from

Silver award at the British Pie Awards 2016

*Silver awards at the British Pie Awards 2016

  • The Saucy Cow – Steak and Gower Power Ale gravy
  • The Steak & Tatws – Award winning* Steak and Potato
  • The Gower Cwtch – Steak and Leek with a hint of horseradish
  • The Fiery Chick – Award winning* Chicken in a Cajun spiced sauce with Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar
  • The Clucking Valleys – Chicken and Vegetables in gravy
  • The Lamb of my Fathers – Lamb and Vegetables with mint, faggots and a dash of local laverbread

To complete the range, we also offer some sumptuous slices suitable for vegetarians, with flavourful fillings wrapped in a puff pastry.  Choose from:

  • Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar cheese, with intensely rich sundried tomatoes
  • Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar cheese with fiery red jalapeno peppers